Pilot Light provides an intensive, tailored and largely bespoke service. It exists for those who wish to create real and powerful change.

The people that aren’t just about the progress of themselves but are about taking tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people with them.

Once we know what you need, we can put together a session, a program or a series of workshops to deliver you or your organization just what you need to ignite change.

The contact page is where it all begins, after all, the longest conversation starts with a single word.


Zoe Coyle, Managing Director

Zoe Coyle is a communications training leader, with a diverse range of personal and professional experience. Her 20 years of experience intersects the corporate sphere, coaching, directing, writing, acting and charity work.  This enables her to bring her wide breadth of knowledge and deep insight into the work place with a spirit of egalitarianism, enthusiasm and optimism.

Zoe feels passionately about the human capacity to learn and grow. To facilitate that evolution in others is her passion and her mission. It also fortifies her worldview, that being able to communicate with individuality, power and clarity is fundamental for claiming a large and meaningful life, and becoming a great leader. Zoe has spent over 15 years in corporate and communication training, building on her 20 years experience as a film and theatre actor. She is the communication coach of choice for the CEO’s of some of Australia’s largest companies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Emotional intelligence is a speciality area where Zoe has a long track record of designing and delivering bespoke content. Zoe graduated from NIDA in 1998 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts.

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Dr Polly McGee – Leadership, Communication and Startup Specialist

Dr Polly McGee is an author, educator, digital strategist, CEO of early learning edtech startup SciGround and 21st Century Skills advisor to global edtech business Prosper Education. With over a decade working in innovation and commercialization in public, university and private sector roles, and leadership program design and delivery for diverse businesses, Polly has a strong background in combining coaching, facilitating, teaching, curriculum design and content authoring with fast growth businesses. Polly is a sought after speaker and MC, bringing her skills in interviewing and listening with empathy and humor to stages large and small. Polly is passionate about inspiring curious, resilient, well rounded humans through incorporating growth mindset, 21C skills and social, ethical and emotional learning into all her outputs and the technology interfaces that enable us.

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