Pilot Light’s mission is to unleash the very best version of you.

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What We Do

Pilot Light’s mission is to unleash the very best version of you and your teams.

To peel away thinking and behaviours that get in your way, enabling you to embody the most competent, authentic and charismatic version of yourself. But why? Why is this work so important to us?

When we live unified, wholehearted lives, our experience of who we are, the richness of how we live, work, love and communicate is beyond measure. While it transforms the human at a micro level, it transforms cultures, corporations, communities, and beyond through connection and belonging, which is ultimately what we all seek.

Pilot Light will deliver immediate, sustainable and profound results to you, your organisational culture and your brand through our work, results you will see on the faces of your people, and on the metrics that matter.

We come to your office for half day, full day or multi-day modules, and train in small, medium and large group teams and cohorts. Meeting room to convention centre stages, we do it all, joyfully.

Our work happens where ever you are, with Australia, Singapore, UK, US and India regular destinations in our transformation juggernaut. Some of our key programs and areas of work are featured below, get in touch for us to co-design a program for your business.


C Suites + Teams

Do you wish to give your people a legacy of courage to make values based decisions in a culture rich with trust?

Speeches + Presentations

What makes you feel comfortable when presenting often doesn’t make your audience feel the same way.

Culture Review

Need a culture review, we see these as necessary disruptions from which to significantly strengthen an organisation,

Dare to Lead™ Training

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program for leaders.

Operationalising Values

Values live in the behaviour of people in your company, not in motivational posters or statements in your annual report.

Women Leaders

Pilot Light will help you to step in and communicate your most authoritative and authentic self