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Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program for leaders, teams and individuals. For those who are just getting to know her work, Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and most recently completed a seven-year study on courageous leadership. The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable.

The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage- building skills to help individuals, teams and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Held over two days in your organization or offsite, this challenging program is one of the most sought after leadership and culture interventions globally to build sustainability into organisations that will survive into the next decades of rapid change.

Pilot Light Directors Zoe Coyle and Dr Polly McGee have been trained and certified by Brene Brown as part of an elite group of facilitators entrusted to facilitate her work globally. The Dare to Lead™ program is in high demand, please contact us for more information on pricing and availability to secure a date for your organization to be trained in 2020.

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Culture Review

Has your organisation recently undergone or is currently part of a Culture Review? We embrace these as necessary disruptions from which to significantly strengthen an organisation, create pathways for better retention and performance, surface and address difficult conversations and build a shared language from staff to C-Suite to reboot the culture.

Pilot Light specialises in:

  • Team and organisation unification

  • Cultural reset programs

  • Leading in complexity

  • Individual and small group conflict resolution

  • Conflict training and strategy

  • Values identification and operationalisation

  • Courageous Leadership and Dare to Lead™ training

  • Recruitment for greater diversity

  • Happiness, wellness and purpose building programs

The process of addressing matters arising from cultural reviews can be a sensitive time for your business, people and brand, Pilot Light works confidentially and discreetly to ensure the best outcome available for all stakeholders.

Please contact us for more information.

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C Suite + Teams

How does your team function? How passionate, committed and resilient are they? Do you wish to give your people a legacy of courage to make values based decisions in a culture rich with trust? Pilot Light provides CEO’s, C Suite executives and emerging leaders an eye opening, brain expanding and explorative environment. Discover techniques that global leaders, actors, successful politicians and meaningful communicators use to make you feel and think they’re worth listening to, and techniques to be your best leader.

Pilot Light focuses on work with teams and cultures, enabling them to understand how each individual contributes to the whole, and that a happy productive work environment takes skill, emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Underpinned by trust, these types of organizational cultures strive for excellence, redefine curious and fail intelligently to innovate wildly.

In our work with your teams we explore empathy as a superpower, kindness, the strength to own being wrong, how to navigate feedback, developing a Growth Mindset, energy levels, communication, wholeheartedness, positivity, operationalizing values, curiousity, the neuroscience of complexity, taking responsibility, and much more.

If your team needs a reset Pilot Light will do that with and for you. Whether it is Dare to Lead™ training for your organization coaching your executive team through change messaging and leadership, going deep on exploring complexity and how to lead through chaos and change.

We also specialise in preparing you for major pitches, keynotes or your first Ted talk, with us you will learn how to be in control of yourself, even when under great pressure, and to inject life, grace and humour into your presentations. Key areas worked on are:

  • Physical and vocal presence

  • Effective interpersonal and high level communication skills

  • Plan and deliver successful presentations with impact, ease and confidence

  • Become an engaging and inspiring communicator in any situation to any number of people

Please contact us for more information.

Pilot Light | Women Leaders

Women Leaders

Many women in leadership roles and emerging leaders struggle to break through the loaded communication of the corporate environment, especially while maintaining their voice and values their authority, their authenticity and their boundaries. We know as we walk in your shoes, and have built careers both with and against the stream to get where are are.

Pilot Light will help you to step in and communicate your most authoritative and authentic self. Specialist areas are women returning to the workforce or preparing for a career or job change, leading teams out of corrosive cultures and creating sustainable relational vulnerability.

Our flagship Dare to Lead™ program can also be facilitated for women only groups in organisations and through our annual retreat to Bali. Contact us to register your interest for 2020.

Pilot Light | Speeches + presentations

Speeches + Presentations

What makes you feel comfortable when presenting often doesn’t make your audience feel the same way. Learn how to decode their experience of you and choose more powerful ways of communicating your most authoritative and authentic self. This work will empower you to be a strong and effective person and communicator in any situation. It will radically increase your awareness of your individual communication style and how that shapes the way you are perceived. If you don’t truly understand the way you effect your audience, you can’t competently, intimately connect with them.

Sessions cover vocal and physical presence (energy, projection, pace, variety, range, articulation, clarity, status, posture, gesture, awareness). They also cover getting your nerves to work for you, the importance of breath, the power of silence, storytelling, visualization, dealing with presentation aids, rehearsal methods, framing and structuring your presentation, dealing with questions, the power of active listening and advice around the behaviors of confidence and authority.

Plan for successful presentations: engage, involve and inspire your audience. Consider concept, structure and content. Identify obstacles and consider strategies to overcome them.

Investigate the techniques successful presenters use to rehearse and invest life into scripted presentations. Practice maintaining focus, energy and incorporating new skills and relinquishing bad habits. Consider the dynamics of presenting to small and large audiences to modulate delivery.


  • Improve confidence in engaging small and large audiences

  • Improve vocal techniques to reach an audience

  • Techniques to manage nerves and their impact on performance

  • Enhance physical awareness and presence

  • Techniques to prepare and deliver presentations

  • Story telling techniques to engage an audience

  • Greater confidence to communicate and articulate ideas clearly

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Operationalising Values

Values live in the behaviour of people in your company, not in motivational posters or statements in your annual report. Understanding the macro values of your company, and being able to operationalise them in your performance reviews, and across all interactions with your brand embeds a peer-based ownership.

This ensures that you have a culture that celebrates diversity, enables failure, embraces change and is able to measure how those values are embedded, and what the impacts are. Underneath the company values sit the individual values of your people. Measuring the value horizons of your company, and aligning your staff gives you power tools for performance management and productivity.

At Pilot Light, we are card carrying values evangelists. Our one day Operationalising Values workshop will connect and motivate your team, create shared tangible values for your brand and distill these into performance ready measures. Ready to be a real values based organisation? Contact us.